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Through our vast network of specialist physicians throughout the continent, MedX is able to provide help to the patients that need it most. скачать приложение Плей Фортуна



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" Med-X is easy to use and makes it simple and efficient to help patients in rural areas. This is the only viable option for remote healthcare."
Dr Willie Visser
Head of Dermatology SUN


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Frequently asked questions


We are providers of specialist referral services. Once you become a user, rural doctors are able to submit referrals to you via a mobile app.

Rural doctors will submit a referral with patient and condition information. Once you accept the referral you will be required to provide quality treatment advise.

You submit your banking details to Med-X at signup. Your account gets credited with $28 per referral. And is payable at the end of each month.

Yes, we will guide you through systems onboarding and introduce you to internal procedures and persons there to support you.

Yes you can, but based on your country you might need to inform your medical insurance firm that you are providing treatment opinion to the UN & WFP. 

Yes, but depending on your provider you will most likely need to inform the rep that you will be providing treatment advise to doctors in Africa.

We are providers of medical referral services. Your doctors are able to submit patient referrals to 18+ specialities across 000’s specialists.

Providers pay-per-referral. Referral costs vary and a Med-X representative will supply you with a cost. Volume discounts do apply.

Implementation is instant. But training will range between 1-2 hrs.

Yes, mobile phones and tablets will have offline and will sync to Med-X once internet is restored.

Yes we can, we do however need to ensure regulatory compliance. 

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